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mental health

2023 Trends: Work-Life Blend

Michel Fiechter of TPG Architecture​​ explores why it’s not about work-life-balance, it’s about work-life blend.

2023 Trends: Taking Mental Health in the Workplace Another Positive Step Forward

Alan Rose of CadM explores how 2023 will see a major change in attitude towards mental health in the workplace.

2023 Trends: Accessible And Inclusive Design

Cristina Ziegler of Gensler takes a look at how designers can play a vital role in creating spaces that are welcoming of all people and all abilities.

2023 Workplace Trends: Supporting Mental Health in the Workplace

Unispace's Regan Donoghue explores how employers can support employees’ mental health in the workplace.

Designing for the Next Generation

Attracting Gen Z to the office will take considered design moves that still feel familiar to older generations while offering a new sense of dynamism and energy. 

How Workplace Design Can Help Attract Gen Z

To attract Gen Z, Salma Siddiqi of AURA explores how and why companies must evolve to meet the needs of the growing workforce.

Working Outside: A Critical Component in the New Ecosystem of Work

SmithGroup's Michelle Romero and Simone Schoen share tips and inspiration for creating outdoor workspaces.

Breaking the Employee Burnout Cycle with Workplace Strategy

In honor of Mental Health Awareness month, RSP's Kari Smith explains why workplace strategy is crucial to avoiding employee burnout and how organizations can use change management to help their people thrive.

Seven Ways Office Design Can Support Mental Health

Hannah Hackathorn of Unispace shares how growing recognition of the importance of employee mental health is fueling innovative new workplace design strategies.

Workplace Design and Policy Impacts on Physical and Mental Health

PDR's Larry Lander shares an in-depth guide to creating designs and policies that positively impact employee physical and mental health. 

How Office Design Can Influence Employee Health and Wellness

Hendy's Sonaly Dudheker outlines the importance of creating environments that focus on improving mental and physical health for employees.

Industry News: Why Team Mental Health Should Be a Priority for SMEs

There is a reluctance among employees to acknowledge that they’re struggling with mental health, how to optimize hybrid work, and more.

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