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new ways of working

New Workplace Kit of Parts: Active Spaces

Clive Wilkinson Architects introduces the four “hot” or active spaces in the New Workplace Kit of Parts.

The 12 Building Blocks of the New Workplace

The Clive Wilkinson Architects team has created the New Workplace Kit of Parts featuring 12 reimagined spaces to support and enhance new ways of working in the post-COVID-19 workplace.

Industry News: Lessons Learned from Lockdown

Lessons learnt from lockdown in Australia, everything we thought we knew about office space use before COVID was wrong, and more news.

Three Steps To Achieving the New Generation of Office Space

What’s next for office and how do organizations apply what we have learned from this past year? Enter the New Generation Space.

Beyond Wifi and Coffee: Where Coworking is Headed 

As flexible workspaces emerge as a major force in commercial real estate, Elad Hod, Real Estate Director of Mindspace shares four trends that will drive growth over the coming years.

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