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open plan spaces

Need Higher Collaboration? Redefine Your Open Plan Spaces.

Hassan Shaikh shares how open plan spaces can be a valuable tool to help organisations promote team collaboration and increasing productivity.

Industry News: No One Wants A Sea Of Desks Anymore

WeWork offering space that can transform based on different needs, interest in the metaverse has surged, and more news from around the web.

Breaking the Mold in Traditional Law Firm Design

Monika Avery of SLAM Collaborative examines how to design the law firms of the future. 

These Modular Pods From Frövi Are A Unique Way To Create Flexibility

British furniture manufacturer, Frövi has just released Colony - a workspace solution that can be used to create more creative and flexible office environments.

Reducing workplace noise with integrated acoustic ceiling and lighting systems

Focal Point, LLC. shares the latest innovations and considerations in designing human-centric environments by increasing acoustic comfort, adding value for companies and comfort for employees.

Coworking With Kids, And Other Industry News

Kids are being welcomed at more of Europe's coworking spaces, are cubicles or open-plan spaces better for employees, and more news.

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