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Perkins Eastman

Evolving Lawscape: Applying Design Thinking to a Hybrid Legal Sector

The Perkins Eastman Design Strategy team shares how to create environments for hybrid law firms.

Step Inside Perkins Eastman Relocated Chicago Studio In The Rookery Building

Prioritizing employee wellness, celebrating company culture, and honoring an architectural icon were key drivers in the design of Perkins Eastman’s relocated Chicago studio in The Rookery building.

Creating Hybrid Communities Post-COVID-19

Perkins Eastman shares some ways to bring belonging to our new work environments and how to turn the virtual and in-person world into a hybrid community.

2021 Trends: Designing our workplaces to promote human connection

Perkins Eastman's Rebecca Milne shares how it will be increasingly important to cultivate human connection in all of our experiences, whether they occur in a virtual or physical setting.

Tour Dock 72 By Fogarty Finger: An Artistic Collaborative Workspace in Brooklyn

Dock 72 designed by Fogarty Finger is revolutionizing the 21st century work environment with innovative and collaborative work spaces, state-of-the-art amenities and breathtaking panoramic Manhattan views.

NeoConnect: Defining and Designing a Successful Fourth Place

As new hybrid work environments become more prevalent, the Perkins Eastman's Design Strategy team explores the concept of the Fourth Place – a place that combines the functions of home, work, and public space.

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