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Eastlake Studio’s ‘Phoenix: Hunter’s Helper’ – Winners in the Flex-Work / Coworking Category

Meet the Eastlake Studio team and their winning ‘Phoenix: Hunter's Helper’ submission in the Flex-Work / Coworking category.

Ask What Your Workspace Can Do for You, And Other Industry News

Our spaces shape us just as we shape them, why retailers and coworking spaces are continuing to comingle, and more industry news.

Workplace Burnout Is Now A Diagnosable Condition, And Other Industry News

WHO has added workplace burnout to the International Classification of Diseases, Herman Miller takes a look back on the last 70 years of their esteemed research, and more news from around the web.

How To Improve Office Culture By Design, and Other Industry News

Thinking beyond the cubicle improves office culture in India, how incorporating sustainable design elements can boost productivity and well-being, and more news.

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