Ask What Your Workspace Can Do for You, And Other Industry News

Our weekly round up of workplace news from around the web. 

Image via Propmodo
  • Our spaces shape us, just as we shape them, says Propmodo. But for them to shape us into a better version of ourselves, they will need to use every means possible, be it the shape of the room or the interface of an app.
  • Glossy reports on why retailers and coworking spaces are continuing to comingle.
  • In honor of National Take Your Pet to Work Day coming up on June 21, Purina shares the physical and emotional benefits of having pets present in the office environment from Purina’s Pets at Work Report.
  • Frame shares a growing company’s 1,600-sq-m space that isn’t subdivided by standard partition walls or modular screens but by a living, breathing rainforest.
  • Recently presented research makes the case for reconfigurable office space, writes Architects’ Journal.
  • Facility Executive looks at how workspace and furniture options can affect worker performance, well-being, and costs in office environments.
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