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Art At Work

Experts from PLASTARC and ArtLifting explain how inclusive art strategies foster a healthy workplace culture.

Office Design Has The Power To Make Your Employees More Loyal

The concept of identifying the factors that bring buildings and humans closer together is still fairly new, but PLASTARC’s founder Melissa Marsh wants to make this the norm.

Navigating Your Future Workplace: A Roadmap for Re-return to Office

Elizabeth Hyde of PLASTARC offers 10 strategies for our re-return to the office. 

2022 Workplace Trends: Technology for Workplace Safety Redirected to Enhance Employee Experience 

PLASTARC's Melissa Marsh shares how health and safety technologies used during the pandemic will be leveraged for optimizing employee experience.

How to design for the variable future: a guide to designing with pods

Melissa Marsh & Elizabeth Hyde of PLASTARC share how to optimize your workplace by designing with pods.

A telling shift: Toward a new generation of workplace decision makers

Elizabeth Hyde of PLASTARC shares some tips for working with new levels of decision making.

Good Vibes Only: How Acoustics Set the Tone of Your Office

Elizabeth Hyde of PLASTARC shares some steps that workplaces can take to produce more inclusive ambient conditions.

Webinar: A New Generation of Decision-Makers

Workplace experience is increasingly defined by evolving services.

How To Make Virtual Learning Workable: A Parents’ Guide

Elizabeth Hyde of PLASTARC shares research-backed virtual learning tips for leveraging space, design, and organizational systems to better meet kids' needs.

Hush, It’s the Future of Work Calling!

PLASTARC explores how acoustic pods can help employees returning to the office adapt and customize their surroundings. 

Stretching the Boundaries of Workplace: Why Your Portfolio Needs More Elastic

PLASTARC's Melissa Marsh and Mike Sayre explore how the effects of COVID will shape portfolio strategy in the years to come.

2021 Trends: Upsides To Lockdown And The Perks We Won’t Want To Part With

PLASTARC's Elizabeth Hyde predicts that as we return to the workplace, it will be critical to advocate for more purposeful structures and arrangements.

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