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The Rise of Resimercial Design in the Workplace

Jeff Knoll of Ted Moudis Associates explores the importance of prioritizing resimercial design to adjust to rising expectations as we return to work. The term...

These Height Adjustable Workstations Are A Stylish Way To Provide Flexibility

DeskMakers launches their Ascend line of height adjustable desks.

Tips for Designing Wellness Spaces at Work

There's no doubt that wellness spaces are important. Tonya Dybdahl shares some helpful tips for how to effectively implement them in the workplace. 

Workplace Acoustics: Intervention For Our Friends In Design

The oft-maligned “open office” is often due to the lack of consideration for acoustics. How can we address acoustics within well-designed and productive office...

Coworking With Kids, And Other Industry News

Kids are being welcomed at more of Europe's coworking spaces, are cubicles or open-plan spaces better for employees, and more news.

From Bottle to Booth: Make Room for ROOM’s Phone Booth, 2019 Edition

Brought to you by ROOM, here's how and why their sound insulated, well-ventilated, and easy-to-move office phone booth, 2019 edition, gives the bustling and...

Design Your Workplace Like the Kindergarten Class of Your Memories

The kindergarten theory comes into “play” when the space in which you spend your time in - whether as a kid or an adult - is directly associated with the activity.

The Mamava Mini – A Design Solution Inspired By Millennial Moms

The Mamava Mini provides a secure, private place for nursing mothers in the office. 

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