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Designing a Workplace with an Authentic Connection to Brand Values

Spectorgroup's Sara Agrest explains how an honest connection to brand values benefits staff retention, recruitment, and the evolution of the workplace as a whole.

CEOs Talk Workplace: Interview with CareerArc’s Robin Richards

Bob Fox connected with Robin Richards, CEO of CareerArc, who believes the physical environment that respects and embodies the employee, is where you get the biggest value.

Five Ideas that Align Facilities and Human Resources to Strengthen Your Organization

How Facility and HR professionals can make strategic decisions together to strengthen the workplace experience for all employees.

That was Then – This is Now

Gensler's Sven Govaars takes at look at the 3 R's that dominate today's workplaces. Hint: they are not: reading, ‘riting, and ‘rithmetic.

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