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This Revamped London Office Draws Inspiration From The Earth’s Atmospheric Layers

In re-imagining Inmarsat’s headquarters, the design team drew inspiration from Earth’s atmospheric layers — creating a stratified complexity that was woven throughout the redesign of the building.

10 Tips for Creating a Sustainable Office

In preparation for Earth Day, a day aimed to demonstrate support for environmental protection, consider implementing a few (or all!) of these sustainable tips in your office.

Ditch the Plastic Cups: How to Start a BYORB Initiative in Your Office

Don’t let the office kitchen battles continue: check out these five tactful ways to get everyone on board — and even excited about — a BYORB initiative.

The Controversial Business of The Wing Explained, and Other Industry New

How The Wing became a flashpoint for debates over feminism, money, and power, a chair made of recycled plastic hints at the future of furniture, and more news.

Furniture Recycled From Trash Discarded in Amsterdam’s Canals, and Other Industry News

Furniture created out of trash from Amsterdam's canals, the power of pairing design with technology, and more.

A Green Solution for Old Office Furniture

Five years ago, Staples launched a partnership with Davies Office Furniture. We spoke with the team involved to learn more about this successful venture and the good it's doing for the environment.

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