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Coming Back to the Office? Your Workplace Design Should be a Perk

RSP’s Alissa Franconi and Dawn Brown explain how a residential and hospitality-inspired workplace design can become a powerful way to boost morale and get employees back to the office.

Allseating’s Watson Blurs The Lines Between Residential and Commercial

Allseating has collaborated with Todd Yetman on a new line of “Resimercial” soft seating.

Industry News: What The Four-Day Workweek Means For CRE

How the idea of a four-day workweek is effecting commercial real estate, office occupancy rates have hit their highest levels, and more news.

The Rise of the Destination-worthy, Hospitality-influenced Workplace

Cooper Carry shares five ways to intentionally create a destination-worthy, hospitality-influenced office workplace.

Furniture’s Role in Workspace Well-Being

The Kimmerle Group outlines 5 ways that modern office design and furniture can improve employee health and well-being.

A&D Organizations Weigh In On Returning To Work And The Future of Design

WDM readers want to know how A&D organizations think workspace design is changing and their thoughts on how to return to work.

Step Inside This Hospitality-Focused Polish Office By MIXD

MIXD created a hospitality-focused space for intive that encourages individualism, sharing experiences, and strengthening relationships within the Polish technology company. Take a tour with us!

Mantra Chairs By Allseating Encourage Motivation And Conversation

With adaptability at the core of its design, The Mantra line from Allseating makes a stunning addition to any space. 

The Over-Simplification of Office Design, And Other Industry News

How homey should an office be? Does communication really lead to better results? Find out in our industry news round up.

12 Days of Trends: Resimercial Design Persists

Donald M. Rattner explores resimercial design's mounting popularity as well as its underpinning in evidence-based design.

Resimercial Design: The New Path to Workplace Creativity

How resimercial design could prove a lasting and effective strategy for realizing work environments that are happier, healthier, and more creatively nurturing than those of the past.

The Dichotomy of Resimercial: How Workplace Design Impacts a Relaxed Mind

Workplace design experts explain why we need to get back to designing offices to support the ways in which we actually work today, and break free from following the latest resimercial trends.

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