Mantra Chairs By Allseating Encourage Motivation And Conversation

With adaptability at the core of its design, Allseating’s Mantra line makes a stunning addition to any space. 

Allseating is pleased to announce the launch of Mantra, a sophisticated and adaptable seating solution, perfect for an array of executive spaces, including private offices and small meeting rooms. Conceptualized by in-house industrial designer Nita Chakravarty, Mantra is characterized by a Lemniscate-inspired detail. A lemniscate is a mathematical symbol that represents the concept of infinity. This unique component is an integral part of the chair as it connects the seat, back and arms together in a way that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Mantra is the newest addition to Allseating’s lineup.

Where do you think the Mantra seating line will fit in best with today’s workspaces?

In our ever-changing world, our workspaces (whether it be a physically distanced boardroom, home office, or executive office) continue to be places we look to for inspiration throughout the day. Just as its namesake suggests, Mantra was designed to encourage motivation and conversation.

With over 30 unique configurations and a wide range of finish options—from classic, polished aluminum to three solid maple hues, the ability to customize Mantra makes it simple for designers to maintain a cohesive ambiance all throughout a space. Designers can create a sophisticated look while addressing specific functional needs that vary from room to room. With adaptability at the core of its design, Mantra is a stunning addition to any space. 

With more workplaces placing a larger emphasis on wellness and productivity, we’ve seen a continual increase in resimercial-style corporate interior design. Mantra furthers this workplace trend by incorporating a warm, inviting look and feel. Mantra also possesses a soft, upholstered back and seat for all-day comfort, and simple height adjustment to ensure users are sitting at the proper ergonomic height for their specific body type.

Does the Mantra chair support agile and activity – based workplaces that are becoming so prevalent in new and refurbished facilities? If so, how?

Mantra’s design supports agile movement with thoughtfully integrated features and mechanisms that allow the end-user to adjust the chair for various activities. The chair’s lounge base features a Fixed-Swivel mechanism for simple collaboration, and boasts auto-return, keeping the space neat and tidy. Mantra’s conference base features casters for seamless mobility and can be specified with three different mechanisms: basic, enhanced, or knee tilt. All of these mechanisms provide seamless adjustment, with the enhanced tilt offering a smooth experience.

Mantra is designed to move intuitively with the user, and its simple height and tilt adjustments make for effortless customization. The mechanisms are intentionally simple for seating in touchdown spaces––as it’s ideal for conference room users and guests.

Can you tell a story or give an example of how this product or service will help our readers design and implement great workplace solutions?

Allseating’s in-house designer Nita Chakravarty gave us some background information and insight on the design of the Mantra product line.

“Initially, I didn’t have a concept in mind when I began designing Mantra. I often start a design process by sketching first and allowing my mind to follow, rather than the other way around. I find it allows me to see patterns emerge in the sketches; it really gives me permission to create something unique and exciting, rather than trying to fit the mold of what a chair should be.

During the ideation process I began to see this loop over and over in my sketches, which reminded me of the infinity symbol. This inspired me to focus my design on the concept of a single infinite arm that ties the entire chair together.

This looped arm design is also a call back to mid-century bentwood bankers’ chairs which inspired the choice of materials. Not only could this loop be presented in a modern aluminum, but also a warm wood.

Conference chairs are expected to be visually appealing from the back, but instead of adding something ornamental to the back, we have a window-like feature on the back that reveals the arm. Now you can see through the back to the arm—an integral part of the chair—rather than incorporating a decoration as an afterthought.

At Allseating, we believe that workers should be inspired by their spaces. Mantra brings a unique dichotomy to workplace design with an aesthetic that is simultaneously classic and bold—Mantra is as beautiful, focused and motivating as the conversations it facilitates.”

Mantra has several options, fitting seamlessly into any aesthetic.

What was the inspiration for this design of this product?

The boardroom is a space where companies can make a memorable first impression. While workspaces are always evolving, the need for classic, beautiful seating endures. The emergence of social distancing and the six-foot office has led to scaling back in offices, companies still want to foster a space that inspires those within it through the use of bold and innovative design. Mantra meets these needs, marrying classic aesthetics with striking lines.

What innovations in use of materials or fabrication are utilized in the manufacture of this product?

Mantra is uniquely constructed in just one piece—its seat and back are joined for a beautiful aesthetic. Additionally, the chair’s components form a fully integrated seating solution that can be specified in a variety of materials and finishes, including aluminum, wood, polyethylene, and fully upholstered material. The optional use of natural, solid maple in combination with polished aluminum detailing and a variety of fabric options provide a wide range of modern looks. Designers are given the opportunity to customize the chair to seamlessly fit the desired environment and/or aesthetic.

Where do you think the installation of this product will be most effective?

There isn’t a shortage of applications for Mantra. While it was originally developed to suit upscale boardrooms, its versatility has proven to carry well past that. Manta is suitable for private offices, home offices, and anywhere that has a need for a refined and stunning conference or lounge chair.

A year from now what would be the most exciting thing you could think of that would find out about how the product has been accepted, specified, and installed in projects?

Our hope is that end users share how this product has inspired conversation and/or collaboration for them personally. While we considered many workplace trends during the development of this conference solution, the main intention we always came back to was that we wanted to create something that brings people together. This is especially important given the isolation the world experienced this year due to COVID-19. Boardrooms may be shrinking, and we may not be able to shake hands like we once could, but connection and collaboration will always prevail. If we can aid in that, we would be elated.

Moreover, it is our wish that Mantra becomes an example that beautiful, sophisticated design does not need to possess an elite price point. Its soft, inviting aesthetic brings a sense of warmth to a space that fosters productivity and wellness, and we believe everyone, and every budget should have access to that.

A close up of the beautiful sculptural qualities of the Mantra Lemni Arm.

What was the genesis of developing Mantra? 

Mantra was developed to inspire and motivate productivity, collaboration, and conversation. At the core of its development, Mantra was meant to bring people together while answering the demand for a beautiful and sophisticated executive seating solution.

What are the key features of chairs?

Mantra enhances work productivity by offering a seat that is both comfortable and aesthetically inspiring. Its range of options also allows space planners to sustain an ambiance that is consistent and organized in feel. For example, a mid-back caster base with polished aluminum detailing fits seamlessly into a boardroom or private office, while a low back lounge base with maple detailing is perfect for a casual public space or huddle room. Both examples address different requirements, but the intent of the design aesthetic is maintained, and a standardized, clean look is achieved.

Is there any new technology that is incorporated into the fabrication and design of Mantra seating?

Mantra features a distinct and innovative Lemni arm that connects the seat, back and arms together in a manner that is exquisitely intricate, yet functionally simple. There were some challenges in crafting the Lemni arm. First, getting the surfaces exactly right to tie seamlessly with other materials (e.g. the plastic shells). Second, constructing a strong hard wood arm that could pass rigorous BIFMA testing without compromising design intent and form. However, after working through these hurdles, we were able to go about the production of the Lemni arm in a way that met our design inspiration and achieved our design intent.

How do you envision end users specifying Mantra to make their workplaces more productive?

Mantra facilitates productivity through inspiration and focus. It offers a soft, upholstered seat and back that delivers great comfort, thereby allowing users to concentrate intently on the task at hand. Furthermore, Mantra’s mechanisms and user intuitive adjustments allow for effortless and agile movement. 

What do you think are the key benefits of this service in today’s workplace environment?

Mantra’s value proposition is its shape, but also its ability to easily blend with many pre-existing design aesthetics due to its classic and timeless appeal. As mentioned above, its various materials and finishes allow for the chair to be used in a uniform design aesthetic, but also address various functional needs of different spaces within an office.

Is Mantra available now?

Yes, the product is available for specification now. Find it here!

What do you think our readers will love about the chairs?

We believe Work Design’s readers will fall for its distinctive Lemni Arm. We also think Work Design readers will admire the adaptable nature of the chair, given that it can be specified to conform perfectly to nearly any room, whether it be formal, or more casual. For example, a designer could opt for a refined mid back, which traditionally implies formality, and a caster base for simple collaboration in meeting rooms. Across the office, there may be a need for something more casual where movement is not required—there, a low back with a lounge base and standard auto return is perfect. These are just a few examples of the near endless options Mantra provides.

Are you able to share any cost information?

Mantra starts at $845 for the low back and $875 for the mid back.

We are looking forward to NeoCon 2021!

When and where do you plan to exhibit the product or service?

Mantra will be exhibited during NeoCon 2021. Currently, you can catch this product family in Allseating’s Virtual Showroom Tour and in our Toronto showroom (by appointment only).

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