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room and board

CareerBuilder’s Chicago HQ Design Was Informed By Valuable Employee Input

CareerBuilder's sophisticated yet minimalist HQ promotes health, wellness, and inclusion as Perkins and Will worked closely with employees regarding what they wanted to see in their new space.

The Four Most Effective Office Designs In The US, And Other Industry News

A new report highlights the best office spaces in the US, flexible office users would prefer to work in conventional space, and more news from around the web.

Room and Board’s Unique Spin on Commercial Office Furniture

Room and Board's Nicole Gaynor gives insight into Room & Board’s unique spin on how they approach commercial customers and are working to expand this part of their business.

The Workplace is Becoming More Spacious and Less Formal, and Other Industry News

Why workplaces are moving away from formality, Room and Boards revamped HQ is a nature-lover's dream, and more.

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