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Designing Leadership Spaces for Hybrid Work

Rebecca Charbauski of Steelcase explores why it’s time to change executive leadership spaces to make hybrid work, work.

How to Bring People Back to the Office So They Actually Want to Show Up

Tracy Brower of Steelcase explores how to successfully bring people back to the office through intentionality.

Surprise! Youngest Workers Need the Office More

Research shows Gen Z values being at work more than experienced counterparts, but they need the office to better fit their needs.

[WE:binar] Reimagining the Workplace: AI, Immersive Experience, and Augmented Environments

Join WE on March 17 as guest, Andrew Kim presents: Reimaging the work place: AI, immersive experience and augmented environments.

Step Inside HED’s Bold and Colorful Los Angeles Office

The new HED LA office was designed to foster creativity, promote collaboration, and support the well-being of the company’s community.

Madison International Realty Gets A Sleek and Modern NYC HQ

Madison International Realty tapped TPG Architecture to help them create a new office with a contemporary feel and progressive elements.

NeoCon 2021 Trend: Coziness Factor

Grab a soft blanket and a warm drink as we share the coziest items that caught our attention at NeoCon 2021 and beyond.

Back to the Office: Lessons Learned

Steelcase shares their tried and true three-phased approach to bringing people and energy back to work.

NELSON Worldwide Gives Corix A Colorful Chicago Headquarters

NELSON Worldwide installed colorful pipes throughout the Corix space to serve a dual purpose: vibrant décor and creative wayfinding.

Vocon Helped Westfield Envision A New Workplace That Emphasizes Flexibility

Vocon's design and expansion of Westfield’s new headquarters used an approach that appreciates the organization’s rich history, while bringing Westfield into the future.

Tour Infinity Pharmaceuticals’ Biophilia-Inspired Office That Brings Nature Indoors

The nature theme of Infinity Pharmaceuticals' new Cambridge, Mass space by Dyer Brown emerges from their company culture.

Tandia’s Ontario Office Space Features Four Season-Themed Neighborhoods

Tandia Financial Credit Union's new space by SDI Design is divided into four neighborhoods, each with an individual ambiance based on one of the...

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