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Industry News: Instagram-Worthy Offices To Wow Gen Z

Attracting Gen Z with Instagram-worthy offices, how wearables can help us design healthy workplaces, and more news from around the web.

Industry News: Three Things Gen Z Wants In The Office

Gen Z doesn’t want to go back to the office without these things, landlords are looking to flexible workspaces, and more news.

Industry News: Creating Commute-Worthy Office Spaces

How do you make an office space worth commuting to, tweaks to make the office more inviting for returning workers, and more news.

Industry News: Gen Z is here. Should the design industry care?

Is the design industry ready for Gen Z, what's going to happen to all those empty office buildings, and more news.

Five Reasons People are More Important Than Buildings

The word "office" doesn't mean what it used to. Here are five reasons that it should be more about the people than the place.

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