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working outside

Creating Office Environments That Evoke Health & Happiness

Brendan Beachler, Sanjeev Patel, and Claire Zambrano of Duda|Paine share how to design offices that offer a healthy and happy work experience. Creating a happy...

Architectural Innovation In A Post Pandemic World

Brendan Farrell and Ruba Younan of AO reflect on the new changes and trends they are seeing in post-pandemic office design.

10 Must-Have Products To Help You Work Outside

Check out these top rated products that can help make you more comfortable and productive while working outside. There have been countless studies documenting the...

The Outdoor Office Is Here To Stay: How To Create The Perfect Outdoor Living (And Work) Room

Many homeowners depend on outdoor areas to provide an extension of living space, a peaceful retreat, a connection to nature, and now - a place to work. 

How Multifamily Design Can Inform the New Office

Ancelmo Perez of Nadel Architects shares how architects can draw from the innovations of multifamily and infuse these new design practices into the office space.

Working Outside: A Critical Component in the New Ecosystem of Work

SmithGroup's Michelle Romero and Simone Schoen share tips and inspiration for creating outdoor workspaces.

As hybrid work models prevail post-pandemic, focus shifts to flex and outdoor workspaces 

Shane Connell of The Connell Company shares lessons from West Coast tech & Collegiate campuses inform the evolution of suburban corporate offices on the East Coast.

Flexibility in Design: Turning a Workplace into an Outdoor Oasis

Cooper Carry's Brian Parker explores the importance of creating spaces for work outside and bring the outdoors in.

Art and the Outdoors: Tips & Benefits for Office Developers

Martha Weidmann of NINE dot ARTS explores why art and nature are critical to a workspace.

How Ecological Office Design Builds a Bridge Between Our Indoor and Outdoor Lives

Dayton Rush of Cushing Terrell shares two helpful tactics for thinking ecologically indoors.

2022 Workplace Trends: Multifaceted Outdoor Workspaces

Turan Duda and Jay Smith of Duda|Paine share why we will see more multifaceted outdoor workspaces in 2022.  

NeoCon 2021 Trend: Outdoor Options & Bringing the Outdoors In

Check out products for working outside and that bring the outdoors in that caught our eye. 

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