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workplace comfort

Integrating Hospitality Concepts to Harmonize Comfort and Productivity in the Modern Workplace

Tamala Herd of Bridge Commercial Real Estate shares how the workplace - like hospitality - can provide a welcoming, destination-style environment that champions connectivity and community for all users. 

Resimercial Design Balances Comfort and Sustainability in the Office

Spectorgroup’s Dexter Tinapay and Steven South share a few ways to incorporate elements of home into the office to promote productivity and a healthier workplace.

Workplace Acoustics: A Tool To Draw Employees Back To The Office

Steve Johnson shares how acoustics can underpin a strategy to get employees agreeably back to the office.

Novus CLU Monitor Arms Are The Key To Workday Comfort

The CLU monitor arms from Novus make it easy to find your perfect viewing position. The team at Novus – More Space Systems are always...

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