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workplace strategy

Can Current Workplace Strategy Deliver Workplaces That Attract Gen Z?

Hassan Shaikh explores some fundamental elements to consider when it comes to developing the workplace for Gen Z. 

DEI Should be the Cornerstone of Your Workplace Strategy

Hassan Shaikh explores why DEI is crucial to the workplace strategy of any modern organization. 

Designing with Insight and Intention: Uncovering Behavioral and Functional Needs

This article delves into one of the most important employee engagements: needs assessment (AKA programming) and all the benefits it confers and reinforces.

Integrating ESG-Minded Strategies in the Workplace

Samantha McCormack of TPG Architecture explores how business leaders can apply ESG to their workplace strategies. 

Navigating The Complexity Of The Hybrid Workplace Design Process

Stantec's Michelle Reyman explores how to manage the variety of specialists we often rely on to develop a cohesive hybrid workplace experience.

Step Inside Mazars’ Agile NYC Workplace By Ted Moudis Associates

Ted Moudis Associates conducted a thorough workplace strategy and programming effort to determined that an agile workplace model would best suit Mazars USA.

The Purpose Of Place & The Power Of People

The location, design and quality of workspace is even more important with an increasingly agile workforce, not less.

Building Resilient Workplaces by Embracing Millennial Mindsets

Advice from a Millennial for how we can best safeguard our businesses and workplaces against future emergency situations.

NEW DATE! Smart Workspace Design Summit • Berlin Germany

You are invited to join us for the Smart Workspace Design Summit in Berlin! #SWDSpring   It’s the place where you will find a bunch of...

Measuring Office Space Utilization: Manual Counting or Occupancy Sensors?

The fundamental differences between manual counting and occupancy sensors and which is best for your needs.

The Screen-Centric Future Workplace 

Together with our research partner Survature, we launched a survey to learn more about what screens tells us about how people really work. Between May 14th – 31st of this year 368 of you participated in our research. Here is part one of the results!

Then & Now: Workplace’s Evolving Role in Achieving Business Goals

As 2017 coming to a close, we sat down with Melissa Marsh to ask what has and hasn’t changed about business efforts to employ space as a part of strategy.

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