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workplace wellness

AE Works Helps NINDS Evoke Energy and Connectivity at their Bethesda HQ

Design firm AE Works takes us behind the scenes of bringing together seven departments into one cohesive (and flexible) space for The National Institutes...

Are You Miserable At Work? Here’s The Secret To Finding Your Ideal Work Environment

Getting to know your personality better using the “Big 5” personality traits can be beneficial to find the most suited workspace environment.

The Reality Of Remote Work And Wellness

Evaluating the true impact of remote work on employee well-being is key to making more effective decisions about work arrangements.

Resimercial Design Balances Comfort and Sustainability in the Office

Spectorgroup’s Dexter Tinapay and Steven South share a few ways to incorporate elements of home into the office to promote productivity and a healthier workplace.

The Futurist Perspective With Rex Miller Ep 1.2

In part two of his conversation, Rex stresses the importance of why leadership needs to adapt to the changing business landscape by looking both inward and outward. Learn about the new skills managers must develop to be better equipped to handle the social and emotional needs of their teams. 

Redefining the Workplace for a Remote-First Workforce

Debra Breslow of Meyer Design shares how to blend remote-first and in-person collaboration in a way that supports employee health and workplace culture. 

Navigating The Complexity Of The Hybrid Workplace Design Process

Stantec's Michelle Reyman explores how to manage the variety of specialists we often rely on to develop a cohesive hybrid workplace experience.

Net Positive Energy For People

Stantec's David Martin explores how the office could send us home energized and inspired. No place, perhaps, was quite so disrupted by the COVID 19...

2023 Trends: The Regenerative Workplace

During 2023, JLL's Peter Miscovich says leading organizations will embrace a powerful, refreshing new concept: the Regenerative Workplace.

Wellness in the “New” Workplace

Gensler's Sharon Steinberg shares some key considerations to creating a fully inclusive and supportive workplace with wellness as the focus.

Wellness in the Workplace: Burnout from the blurred lines of work and home

Stantec's Heidi Dunn shares how to prevent employee burnout and keep company culture alive with choice and design.

The Essential Design Attributes of Workplace Terraces

As COVID has highlighted our everyday understanding of the health and safety of outdoor spaces, Jeffrey Paine of Duda|Paine Architects explores how designers can effectively create them. 

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