Light Beam by Unika Vaev


Light Beam is an elegant rectilinear box baffle tailored with inset LED lighting. This sound-absorbing baffle fits beautifully in both small and large spaces and is available in two profiles, wide and narrow. There are three versions of Light Beam, an uplight, a downlight, and a combination up + downlight, all easily ganged together to solve larger space needs. Light Beam is available in 11 color-ways of Solid Core, and 8 wood grain print finishes. Clients will love this product due to its 2 in 1 characteristics! With the ability to beautifully absorb sound and illuminate a space, who wouldn’t love these features within one product?

Sustainability Statement

Light Beam was designed with the environment in mind. Easy to disassemble and separate into the appropriate recycling systems, Light Beam is made of 100% PET and can be recycled.

  • No VOCs
  • California 01350 Emissions Compliant
  • HPD
  • Prop 65 Compliant
  • Rapidly renewable content
  • No post-consumer content contributes to LEED MR Credit 4 recycled content
  • Published with mindful MATERIALS
Health and Wellness Attributes

Along with its environmental certificates; California 01350 Emissions Compliant, Low VOC, Oeko-Tex® Certified, Rapidly Renewable Content, mindful MATERIALS, HPD, Declare CDPH Emissions Compliant, Light Beam promotes health and wellbeing through peace of mind. Light Beam creates a quiet, tranquil space with its sound absorbing capabilities and serene LED lighting.

Key Features
  • Light Beam is suspended easily as a baffle from the ceiling with a wire, cable, or rod.
  • Light Beam is available as an Uplight, Downlight, or as a combination Up + Downlight
  • Light Beam is available in two sizes: Narrow: 48” x 4” x 7.25” (L x W x H)     Wide:  48” x 5.5” x 6.5” (L x W x H)
  • Light Beam is available in 11 color-ways of Solid Core, and 8 wood grain print finishes.
  • Light Beam is also available as a regular, non-lighted baffle, Beam.
Where it is manufactured?
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