Custom Tables by Icon Modern


Icon Modern’s custom tables offer designers the creative freedom to step outside the “standard” bounds and design a table that meets their exact specifications. From conference and boardroom tables to collaboration and side tables, our sustainable urban wood and other versatile materials offer endless possibilities for workplace environments.

Icon Modern’s urban wood is sourced locally in the Chicagoland area. Each table is handcrafted in Chicago, IL, and can come in any shape and size. Add-ons include casters for easy mobility and power/data.

Sustainability Statement
  • The origins of Icon Modern lie in the creative reuse of materials: diverting urban trees from landfills and handcrafting them into unique pieces of furniture.
  • Furniture with a story and a mission.
  • Icon Modern believes each tree has a story to tell, with its own unique characteristics and history. All of this is reflected in each urban wood table made and why people are so drawn to them.
  • Icon Modern takes its commitment to sustainability one step further by sourcing the majority of its materials locally, within a 100-mile radius of Chicago, IL, not only reducing its carbon footprint but also supporting local businesses.
  • The urban wood and hot rolled steel can help contribute to LEED and WELL certifications for commercial spaces.
Health and Wellness Attributes

Urban hardwood can contribute to WELL by way of the Living Building Challenge 3.0.

WELL V1 Mind Feature 88 – Biophilia I – Qualitative
(Nature Incorporation; Pattern Incorporation; Nature Interaction)
The intent of this credit is to increase the occupant’s connection to the natural environment. By using urban hardwood we are literally bringing nature indoors. Ceiling and wall elements begin to incorporate regular and irregular patterns while natural materials ensure a certain level of irregularity to keep the space from looking sterile.

WELL V1 Mind Feature 87 – Beauty and Mindful Design I
(Human delight; Celebration of culture; Celebration of spirit; Celebration of place; Meaningful integration of public art)
Because urban wood is a local product, when purchased it supports the local economy. When commercial buildings use local urban wood or salvaged wood from deconstructed buildings, they capture not only the history but the spirit and character of the community.

Key Features
  • Bring warmth & nature indoors: The urban wood tables connect people to the natural world through the one-of-a-kind characteristics that exist in each one. The intricate details including live edges and unique patterns reflect the beauty of nature while offering a warm color palette.
  • Shapes & sizes are completely customizable: Icon Modern handcrafts each table to any size or shape to meet any specification. They fabricate conferences, collaboration, coffee, side tables, and much more. The bases are also completely customizable while power/data can be incorporated. Casters can be added for easy mobility.
  • Each table is completely 100% unique: no two tables are alike. Each tree has its own individual characteristics and history. The result is a one-of-a-kind piece that people will be drawn to for many years to come.
  • Durable for high-traffic areas: The sturdy wood tables are finished with an eco-friendly, yet durable low-VOC finish so they are a great match for busy workplaces and daily use.
  • Other material options available: The material versatility and network of local partners enables Icon Modern to offer many different kinds of materials including stone, concrete, veneer, steel, and glass.
  • Supports commercial sustainability efforts + LEED (urban wood, recycled steel, low-VOC finish)
Where it is manufactured?
Chicago, IL
Lead Time
6-8 weeks
Contact Information
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