Envoy Rooms


    Meet the smart conference room scheduling software that frees up unused space and makes it easy to find and book the right room for the task at hand.

    Envoy Rooms provides a simple solution to book meeting rooms, free up unused space, and gain insight into how to make the most of your meeting space. Rooms helps your team manage the logistics of their meetings in the way that works best for them—via desktop, mobile, Slack, or from the iPad outside the room. With access to analytics on room usage, you can make more informed decisions about your space that help you save valuable time, energy, and money—and enhance how your workplace works for your team.

    Since implementing Rooms, I’ve seen less conflict over bookings, less friction, and more employee happiness.

    – Mario Ramirez, Workplace Experience Manager at Mixmax

    Health and Wellness Attributes

    An organization’s time is spent 15% in meetings—a percentage that has increased steadily every year since 2008. Now, with the rise of hybrid and remote work, meeting rooms are an even more coveted resource than before. Whether teams want a room to convene and collaborate in the physical workplace, or individuals need a quiet space to meet with a remote colleague, the demand for meeting space is rising.

    With meetings becoming such a huge part of an average workday, a sizable amount of time is now also spent scheduling and coordinating logistics like where to meet, in order to make all these meetings happen. Envoy Rooms helps take the hassle out of finding and booking meeting rooms, so employees always have the space to be productive.

    Key Features

    – Space usage analytics
    – Room check-in and end meeting
    – Schedule displays
    – Color-coded room availability
    – Privacy controls
    – Walk-up and mobile booking
    – Slack notifications
    – Usage analytics

    Buyer Information
    Rooms offers a 60-day free trial
    Where it is manufactured?
    Envoy's HQ is in San Francisco, CA
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