FMS:Visitor by FM:Systems


    FM:Systems is delivering a superior visitor experience with FMS:Visitor, an industry-leading solution that saves time for all, increases your security, solves your privacy and health & safety compliance risks, and improves your organization’s brand.

    With intuitive self-check-in kiosks and a variety of options including parcel management, FMS:Visitor allows you to create a safe and seamless experience throughout the visitor journey for all your visitors, contractors, or other temporary occupants.

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    Key Features

    Visitor Management – The ultimate visitor management system

    • Automated Visitor Booking
    • Booking confirmation sent to visitor
    • Quick and secure parking access
    • Visitor self-service check-in kiosk
    • Automated visitor-badge printing
    • Host notifications
    • Real-time dashboard
    • Visitor safety induction management

    Delivery & Parcel Management – Manage Deliveries for Employees with Ease

    • Streamlined logging of package arrivals
    • Delivery notification automatically sent to employee
    • Ease the burden on reception & mailroom staff
    • Real-time insights and control

    COVID-19 Screening for Visitors & Staff – Highly efficient health-screening, linked to your access-control

    • Pre-screening of staff & visitors
    • On-site screening of staff & visitors
    • COVID-19 Alert Notifications
    • Real-time COVID-19 screening reports


    • The FMS:Visitor system has integrated into various related systems such as large-scale access-control systems and guest Wi-Fi provisioning systems to make the visitor journey even more seamless.
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