Forum: Meeting Room Booking Solution


Forum, AgilQuest’s SaaS cloud-based meeting room booking platform, increases collaboration and productivity, streamlines room selection processes, and helps employees add amenities and services with less hassle. The platform is easy-to-use and makes it simple for employees to find the best collaboration space in advance or in an instant, in the office or on the go. Organizations can increase the efficiency of conference room usage by eliminating unused, double-booked, and capacity unbalanced rooms.

With Forum, users can find and book meeting rooms, check-in, cancel, and manage bookings from anywhere on a variety of interfaces including a mobile app and a number of interactive digital sign solutions. The ability to copy previous reservations makes it easy to reserve a favorite conference room again and again. Plus, you can filter by available amenities and even order equipment and services all on one platform. Employees also have the ability to easily find where coworkers are working so they can reserve space near them for collaboration.

The platform is easy-to-use and makes it simple for employees to find the best collaboration space in advance or in an instant, in the office or on the go.

Organizations can utilize customizable business rules for managing who has access to what space, and when, to support neighborhoods and allocated meeting spaces. For example, if I.T. has its own conference room then only I.T. users can reserve that room.

Employees can use their favorite calendar platforms to make and manage bookings with direct, two-way connectors for MS Exchange (including Outlook, OWA, and Teams) and Google Calendar. In addition, the Microsoft Exchange Add-In gives users all the advanced reservation capabilities that Forum has, including multi-point reservations, equipment, and service orders.

Forum can even integrate with your building systems to completely connect your employees’ workplace experience. With this smart technology, meeting room lights only turn on when the room is reserved, bookings are automatically confirmed when employees badge into the building, and unique QR Code access unlocks the meeting room doors to attendees exclusively.

Forum also includes an advanced analytics engine that turns all of that operational data into actionable dashboards and reports for organizations to better understand how their space is being used and what kinds of space their office might need more or less of.

Health and Wellness Attributes

When employees have more flexibility to work from anywhere, whether at home, in the office, in a quiet space, or in a busy collaborative area, they are happier and therefore more productive. Forum allows organizations to offer complete flexibility, making it easy for employees to find the perfect place to work, while still managing and measuring how that space is being used.

Key Features
  • Find the perfect collaboration space by filtering searches by available amenities
  • Add services and equipment needed for the most productive meetings
  • Create advanced multi-point reservations for streamlining meetings in more than one location
  • Keep your employees in the tools they already use every day with direct Google and MS Exchange
  • Calendar integration, and an MS Exchange Add-In
  • Make and manage reservations from a mobile app, web interface, and digital signs
  • No proprietary hardware means you can choose from a number of digital sign options such as Crestron, Room Wizard, iOS, and Windows-based hardware. You can even use QR codes rather than digital hardware for an inexpensive, touchless solution.
  • Use the “Search for a Person” feature to book collaboration spaces in proximity to where they’re already working.
  • Understand how your rooms are being used, what is working, and what isn’t, with built-in advanced utilization analytics.
Where it is manufactured?
Richmond, Virginia
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