Room Booking with Nimway from Sony


Nimway solves this challenge swith a simple and efficient solution for booking rooms.Research shows that one of the main reasons people will go to the office in future is to meet their colleagues. We all want to see and talk to other people, but we don’t want to have to do a whole lot of extra work to make it happen.

Key Features
  • Find available rooms
    Get an instant overview of all available rooms in your office by checking the Nimway map on the digital floor plan, or mobile app.
  • Book via the app
    Book meeting rooms via the map or the calendar in your Nimway app.
    The Nimway smart assistant finds a good room for you, based on your location and preferences e.g. close to a printer or equipped with video conferencing facilities
    Book up to two weeks in advance or quickly arrange a spontaneous meeting
    Use the colleague-finding function to locate colleagues and invite them to join you
  • Book via room panels
    Room panels placed outside meeting rooms visualize the booking and occupancy status of the meeting room
    LED lights make occupancy status easily visible from a distance.
    If a room is free, you can make an instant booking via the room panel
    You can also easily cancel a room reservation via the room panel
  • Occupancy sensors
    Sony’s room sensors automatically check you into the meeting room and enable real-time status updates (in the app, on room panels, and floor plan)
    The automatic check-in feature frees up unused rooms and reduces no-shows
    Sensors also detect if a booked room hasn’t been used for a certain length of time, and adjust its status to available

Integration and Customizations

Nimway is an open solution that’s easy to integrate with existing systems. Each installation is scaled to fit the number of users and customised to meet the business’s specific needs. Install the full package – including mobile app, touch-free screens and analytics – from the start or begin with an installation-free version of Nimway and build on it.

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