Hook Up by Three H

    Hook Up is a table system with a specially designed rail. Designed by MSDS Studio, the tables connect to one another and to a constellation of accessories through this rail system with no special tools or installation required. Accessories include privacy panels, letter trays, planters, cup holders and power receptacles. This allows for the easy reconfiguration of workspaces according to the dictates of a team, department, activity, or change in floor plan.

    “We designed Hook Up with simplicity and adaptability top of mind,” said Jonathan Sabine, Principal at MSDS Studio.

    The easy reconfigurability, combined with soft corners and unexpected detailing, gives the freedom to create beautifully functional workspaces that can instantly accommodate individuals and teams on the move.

    See the Hook Up collection at NeoCon – Showroom 345!

    Sustainability Statement
    The steel used in the frame and legs is recycled and recyclable while powdercoat is a durable finish that doesn’t require solvents in its application. We gave the tables a simple, timeless expression to increase their lifespan and were able to keep the manufacture of all components in Canada where environmental and labour regulations for manufacturers are relatively strong.
    Health and Wellness Attributes
    Planters can fasten to the accessory rail, helping specifiers give office workers easy proximity to the benefits of plants. Several of the accessories – the bag hook, the sanitizer cup, planters were designed specifically with cleanness and well-being in mind.
    Key Features

    – Reconfigurable
    – Accessories attach to table perimeter
    – Available in almost any size and height
    – Designed for the post-covid office

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