Hotlocker by Spacestor


    With good design comes appropriate storage, and in our current context of remote, distributed work, locker storage is a key player.

    Hotlocker provides an optimal experience for future-proof personal storage. As we transition into this new distributed work model, the locker has become more important than ever. Modular, customizable, and with wide-ranging locking strategies, lockers can become an extension of the brand throughout the workspace.

    Our most high-tech, future-proof formula allows employees to select self-service lockers dynamically, or for lockers to be permanently assigned to an employee as needed. Manager software can be installed physically or virtually, fully integrated with your organisation’s existing IT platform enabling hassle-free admin accessibility and control.

    The COVID-19 pandemic forced us all to retire to our home offices, and a key concern is how to make the workplace an attractive place to return to. This not only involves the hygiene element, for which touchless lockers utilising fingerprint technology can play a part, but also making the workplace a tech-enabled, future-proof destination with people at the heart of the design.

    Personalising the employee’s workspace gives a sense of individuality and adds to a human-centric design. Hotlocker Agile provides tech-enabled personal storage spaces suited to the agile workers of today. Allocated on an individual basis, staff can assign themselves a locker for a day’s work using their phone and a central self-service terminal. If you have multiple offices, you can provide lockers for your staff across different locations with the integrated system. The facilities team can use this system to have maximum control over locker allocation or choose to make lockers user-dynamic, setting up a personalized system, unique to each organization. The management software has the flexibility to alter how lockers are assigned and allocated at any point in the future, as workplace needs change and evolve.

    Available in a huge variety of sizes and finishes, these lockers are highly customizable and suited to any interior, taking personal storage to a whole new level.

    Sustainability Statement

    Hotlocker has recently met The International Living Future Institute’s DECLARE certification! Declare Labels give complete information transparency on a product’s material ingredient, material sourcing and life cycle information. It is also 99% recyclable.

    Health and Wellness Attributes

    Oftentimes, providing workplace lockers encourages employees to use healthier methods of transport to commute like cycling, walking or running. Personal storage means staff can store helmets, shoes or changes of clothes in their lockers securely.

    Key Features

    – Range of additional accessories including mail slots, USB charging, number graphics and hotboxes

    – Traditional and high-tech agile locking solutions available to suit every working style

    – Seamlessly integrates with other Spacestor furniture solutions

    – Uniquely modular system – grow, scale or change your system over time

    – Real time data with agile system – utilization rates to monitor return and movement of staff

    – Environmentally friendly – wired locks means no batteries to dispose of

    – High customization to reflect end user location, brand or culture

    – Smart locker mobile app allows flexible registration system, fully touchless



    Buyer Information
    Where it is manufactured?
    Los Angeles and London
    Buyer Information
    Lead Time
    8-10 weeks typically, talk to us for specifics!