Joan 6 Pro by Visionect


After a year that saw drastic changes in the way the world does work, Joan – the centralized workplace management system – is set to bring some much-needed relief to all businesses aiming to leverage new solutions for the new reality.

Introducing Joan 6 Pro – the slickest ePaper device for meeting rooms management

Joan 6 Pro is the key tool for streamlining workspace interactions and managing meeting rooms.
Compatible with the Joan Mobile App, it enables booking of meeting rooms in advance through the calendar already used in the company or on-spot, before entering the meeting room.

It displays the meeting rooms’ timetable on the device itself so everyone always knows when a resource is booked or free and eliminates double bookings or ghost meetings and optimizes real-estate use.

Joan 6 Pro’s intuitive interface makes it a breeze to learn. With its nearly instant onboarding is made to start streamlining your employees’ workday within minutes of unboxing.

The device is enterprise-ready, easily handling the space management requirements of companies with even 100+ meeting rooms.

Sustainability Statement

Joan 6 Pro’s unique architecture slashes electrical consumption to over 100 times less than competing solutions on the market. It’s 99% more energy efficient compared to LCD screens.
Along with the highest level of recyclable components, Joan 6 Pro is the environment’s friendliest workplace management system.

Key Features

Joan 6 Pro comes with the dual mount option and is compatible with the Joan Mobile app.

  • The first option introduces a Smart magnet mount that is attachable to any surface. This magnet serves as a relay for room-specific information, readable by any Joan 6 Pro device on hand. This obviates any worry about misplacing dedicated devices. The smart magnet option harnesses both 2.4 / 5 gHz Wi-Fi for the best possible stability.
  • The second option is the Power over Ethernet mount, taking the device’s end-to-end encryption to an even more secure level. PoE also ensures that you’ll never have any maintenance costs for Joan, and you won’t even risk the already preposterously small chance of a device running out of power – after all, Joan 6 Pro lasts 6 months on a single charge. Additionally, the PoE dock LED lights to display the room’s occupancy status: green for “Free” and red for “Booked”.
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