Lease Administration by Occupier


    Occupier is the only lease management software that enables tenants and brokers to collaborate on the entire lease life cycle — from site selection to critical date management and lease accounting.

    The second largest expense (after payroll) for many organizations is their real estate portfolio. Commercial real estate tenants have numerous leasing data points to track. Monthly rent expenses, common area maintenance fees, missed critical dates, and lease accounting compliance keeps real estate and finance professionals on their toes.

    With Occupier, tenant-rep brokers, real estate teams, accountants, construction departments, and facilities managers can all collaborate on their lease portfolio needs within a single source of truth. Commercial tenants are in a phase of adaptation as they re-evaluate their real estate strategy and adopt cloud solutions to digitize their teams day-to-day processes.

    Sustainability Statement

    Occupier’s lease management software solutions empowers users to ditch the spreadsheet and pdf documents in favor of a digital tool to manage their real estate portfolio.

    Finance and real estate leaders leveraging Occupier are able to save time, deploy resources more efficiently, and make strategic data-driven decisions on their lease portfolio.

    Whether you’re an office, retail, restaurant, healthcare or industrial tenant, your real estate footprint has economic, social, and environmental impacts for a given community. So, unlocking your real estate data and tracking it in an automated and data-driven way enables you to make more sustainable decisions for your business and community.

    Key Features
    • Critical Date Management – Never miss a critical date by automating notifications for dates like lease expirations, rent increases, renewal options and more.
    • Rent Financials – Easily track rental and operating expenses across your business’s leased assets and export variance reports and/or rent obligations.
    • Task Management – Add, assign, and collaborate on tasks with internal and external stakeholders. To seamlessly ensure your leasing activities are assigned and completed.
    • Lease Abstraction – We offer lease abstraction services in which we extract all critical information and data within your lease portfolio and enter it into Occupier.
    • Custom Reports – Build and export custom reports that unlock unique insights into the risks and opportunities within your real estate portfolio.
    • Site Selection – Our transaction management module allows your team to collaborate with tenant-rep brokers on location selections, comps, proposals and LOIs across your deal pipeline.
    • Lease Accounting – Finance teams can automate their journal entries, ROU asset and lease liability calculation in order to comply with ASC 842 lease accounting standards.
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    We charge per lease.
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