Nimway by Sony


Nimway is a complete smart office solution consisting of an elegantly designed phone app, floor plans, and room panels – all enabled by Sony’s advanced indoor positioning technology.

Focus on the things that count 

Built in collaboration with and grounded in our users’ day-to-day workplace experience, its key design principle is ease of use….and that’s also what people say they love most about it!

Nimway facilitates many otherwise frustrating or time-consuming tasks, like finding your way to a meeting room, locating a colleague, or booking a desk. It allows you to stop wasting time and energy on unproductive ‘meta-work’ and spend it instead on the things that really count.

Back-to-work features

As many companies prepare to reopen their doors after the pandemic, Sony has added several new features to support corona-safety policies and limit the risks of infection. For example, desk booking to ensure that people who come to the office always have a safe, ‘socially distanced’ place to sit; touch-free functionality on room panels and floor plans that means the only screens users need to touch are the ones on their own phones, and Nimway analytics to help facility managers maintain a suitably low-density occupancy in the building.  To further increase employees’ peace of mind, desk sensors automatically detect if a desk has been used and can mark it as ‘unavailable’ until after cleaning.

Start small

If you want to take advantage of Nimway’s ‘back-to-work’ features, Sony offers to design and set up a basic Nimway solution that’s adapted to your workplace without installing any hardware on-site. Once up and running, it’s easy to upgrade the system to cover new needs as they arise, or to install a fully-fledged solution with sensors, beacons, room panels, and floorplans at any time.

Long term results

While Nimway helps everyone resolve their practical day-to-day issues, the long-term results of collecting data can affect your business even more profoundly. Analytics provide unbiased data on, for example, meeting room occupancy. Since there is often a discrepancy between perceived and real occupancy levels, it is extremely valuable to have the facts at hand when making future plans.

Sustainability Statement

A more sustainable workplace

Optimizing the use of existing space is one way to reduce your carbon footprint. Using Nimway, you can match the number of desks to your business’s real-world needs, ‘dead-zones’ can be put to better use and the construction of additional buildings may even prove unnecessary.

Key Features
  • Wayfinding – simple and intuitive office navigation
  • Room booking – from the app, or directly on room panels
  • Desk booking – sensors detect whether or not the desk is free, in use, or booked but not in use.
  • Find colleagues – but only if they want to be found
  • Get to meetings on time – precisely timed alerts ensure you’ll never arrive late
  • Nimbubbles – info pops up automatically on the digital floor plan to show where your next meeting is
  • Error reporting – a direct channel from employees to facilities services via the app
  • Analytics – get vital data to support the optimization of office space
  • Office access – provide virtual tickets and help facility managers control occupancy levels
  • Parking – save time by booking a garage space before you leave home
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