Skedda Hybrid Workplace


    Skedda is the smartest way to manage the spaces in your hybrid workplace. It allows users to self-service book shared desks, meeting rooms and office spaces while easily managing the complex policies, setup requirements and usage conditions that accompany hybrid work environments.

    Endless customizability allows organizations to automate complex and time-consuming booking tasks, so that they’re able to focus on the things that matter. Skedda frees you up from needless administration, and manual space management, by taking the processes off your hands, and putting the power in the hands of your people. Used for managing car-park booking, hot desking, meeting rooms, office spaces and more, Skedda is a comprehensive solution for all your space-scheduling needs.

    With the ever-changing demands of workplace management, it pays to have a space-scheduling system that removes stress, instead of adding it! Skedda is all about crafting a unique booking system that supports your unique workflows, instead of working against them. There’s no need to struggle with a generic solution, when you’re able to build a booking system that works for your teams, from the ground up.

    There’s also no need to engage in tiresome guesswork about how best to utilize your available space, because Skedda empowers you with the data, insights and utilization metrics that matter. Armed with concrete information about your spaces’ usage, you’re free to make data-driven decisions about your space-management strategy, which ensures that your hybrid workplace is set up for success!

    No matter the size of your organization, Skedda is a highly-customizable, user-friendly platform that can be set up in a matter of hours, not weeks!

    Health and Wellness Attributes

    Skedda ensures that your hybrid workplace is as stress-free as possible when it comes to easily booking out available space, eliminating double bookings and resource drain, and ensuring that your team stays happy, healthy and informed about who’s booked in where, and when!

    You’re also able to enforce health requirements related to COVID-19, and ensure the safety of your teams during these times of uncertainty.

    Key Features
    • Book spaces from custom, interactive floor plans
    • Automate complex booking rules & policies
    • Manage & track user & employee usage
    • Book space directly from a native mobile application
    • 24/7 customer support
    • Authenticate with SSO
    • Manage usage with Check-In feature
    • No implementation costs
    • Direct calendar integration between Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace (send meeting invites in your external calendar based on bookings made in Skedda)
    Buyer Information
    Custom based on your requirements
    Where it is manufactured?
    Melbourne, Australia
    Lead Time
    2-4 weeks from Skedda's receipt of your setup information
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