Novus CLU Plus Monitor Arms


Novus CLU Plus Monitor Arms offer wide screen and multi-monitor support. Designed for smooth, easy positioning they feature a heavy-duty gas spring, a space-saving design, and a Quick Release monitor mount for easy set-up.

A comfortable viewing position is a productive one. With smooth, precise adjustments, it’s easy to dial in the perfect ergonomic fit.

Choose from a variety of mounting options for easy installation on consoles, desks, bench systems, and more.

Aluminum construction, articulating joints, and gas spring technology offer strong multi-monitor support and can handle frequent movement during collaboration.

CLU Plus is designed for the rigors of modern commercial spaces. All components are manufactured to the highest quality standards to ensure long-lasting performance.

Health and Wellness Attributes

Novus CLU Plus enhances comfort by reducing neck, eye, and back strain with precise ergonomic adjustments.

Key Features
  • Wide Screen Support- Easily position curved and large screens up to 40”
  • Enhances Comfort- Precise adjustments improve ergonomics and reduce physical stress.
  • Creates More Space- Space-saving designs maximize work area.
  • Perfect Alignment- Align multiple screens perfectly with the crossbar design.
  • Smooth Movement- Easy to position with articulating joints and gas spring technology.
  • German Engineered- Designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards.
  • Quality Materials- Constructed with aluminum, metal, and high-quality components.
  • Outstanding Warranty- Guaranteed for long-lasting performance.
Where it is manufactured?
Novus China
Lead Time
In-stock products ship within 2 business days.
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