Novus TSS Monitor Arms


    Novus TSS is a modular monitor arm system designed for customizing flexible workstations. And when workflows change, simply rearrange or add components as needed. TSS is ideal for commercial offices, financial desks, and control room environments where multiple screens are vital for productivity.

    A comfortable viewing position is critical for long shifts monitoring multiple screens. TSS offers precise adjustments that support proper ergonomics.

    Create custom workstations and monitor banks with interchangeable monitor arms, columns, and accessories.

    Set up standard workstations quickly with 2, 3, 4, and 6-screen complete monitor arm sets.

    Aluminum construction and hefty mounting options offer firm, no-wobble multi-monitor support.

    Novus TSS products are designed for the rigors of modern commercial spaces. All components are manufactured to the highest quality standards to ensure long-lasting performance.

    Come see this product in person this June @ NeoCon 2023, Booth 7-5121

    Health and Wellness Attributes
    Novus TSS Monitor Arms enhance comfort with precise ergonomic adjustments for the perfect viewing position.
    Key Features

    • Enhances Comfort- Easily adjust for proper ergonomics
    • Modular Flexibility- Customize and change workstation layouts
    • Perfect Alignment- Displays multiple screens in harmony
    • Creates More Space- Elevates screens above the work surface
    • Quick Release Mount- Upgrade or rearrange monitors fast
    • Screen Rotation- View in landscape or portrait mode
    • Cable Management- Keeps cords organized for a clean look
    • German Engineered- Durable for busy work environments

    Buyer Information
    MSRP is available on our website. Please contact us for specific project pricing.
    Where it is manufactured?
    Czech Republic
    Lead Time
    In-stock products ship within 2 business days. Please contact us for custom order lead times.
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