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    Rendezvous from NFS Technology is the fully integrated workplace management platform designed for today’s hybrid workplace. Thanks to the intuitive mobile app, staff can book desks, meeting rooms and video conferences with ease. Organizing even the most demanding schedule can be achieved in minutes and full integration with Outlook makes sure everyone is on the same page. Floor plan booking and colleague search features enable staff to easily navigate, and thrive in the new hybrid workplace.

    Let us help you get hybrid working right.

    Key Features
    • Mobile booking app – book desks, meeting rooms and video conferences from one easy to use app. Organize audio-visual equipment and catering with ease. Even the most complex multi-location booking can be scheduled in a few taps. LEARN MORE HERE
    • Outlook integration – all desk, video conference and meeting room bookings are recorded automatically in Outlook. Everyone is kept on the same page – ideal for organizing the schedules of busy hybrid workers.
    • Floorplan booking – staff can see in seconds where the free desks are going to be and book them via the floorplan on their mobile device. Notification is instant.
    • Colleague search – with more people working from home it is vital for staff to know where their colleagues are when they are planning an office visit. They can see at a glance on the floor plan when their teams are in or out.
    • Reverse hoteling – this feature enables you to add permanent desks to the hot desk pool – for example when staff are on vacation. Great for meeting peaks in demand.
    • Safe, touch-free check in/out – choose from sensor-based, RFID, QR codes or in-app checking in and out of desks. Integration with desk panels makes sure that staff know which desks are free, busy or being cleaned – for extra peace of mind.
    • Integration with visitor management – create a great first impression, optimize people flow through the building and manage safety questionnaires. The process is triggered via the booking system – no need to rekey data.
    • Occupancy sensors – measure in real-time how the building is being used. Gather data and use easy to use graphical dashboards to pinpoint trends and make informed decisions when planning hybrid office design.
    • Manages no shows – ghost meetings and no shows become a thing of the past. Business rules enable rooms and desks to be released – automatically.
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