A Mock Life Sciences Start Up by Formaspace Contract


    We invite you to tour Formaspace Life Sciences – located in suite 11-124 of the Merchandise Mart – we’ve created a mock biotech start up to demonstrate our capabilities to produce both office and lab furniture solutions in both standard and custom applications.

    Our team is led by true Austinites — artists with a vision. And our vision is grounded by the best engineers and craftsmen in custom furniture design and manufacturing. Together, we create differentiated, successful designs for office and lab — on time and at the lowest possible cost. We have vast knowledge and the manufacturing capability to handle projects, regardless of the size. American-made, locally sourced, Formaspace has over 40 years of experience and is delivered by a team with decades of history in the contract furniture arena.

    Sustainability Statement

    At Formaspace, we believe in doing our part by prioritizing the use of environmentally friendly materials in our products. Our Collaborative Markerboard is a prime example of our commitment to sustainability, as it is the first Formaspace product to be Declare certified by the International Living Future Institute. As a custom manufacturer, Formaspace can build any product Red List free.

    Health and Wellness Attributes

    The ultimate goal of customizability in life sciences is to be able to adapt to many laboratory needs. Lab design is to foster innovation, support science and keep scientists safe while delivering the greatest value for research investments. Oftentimes the type of lab required depends on the work being conducted. Rapidly changing technology in combination with a variety of tasks being performed means lab space might frequently need to be redesigned & reconceptualized. This is when Formaspace Contract’s Co-Creation and Customizability set us apart.

    Key Features
    • Manufactured in Austin, TX
    • Locally Sourced Materials
    • Custom Lab and Office Furniture Solutions
    • Co-Creation Process with Clients
    • Ability to Mass Produce Customized Products
    • 12 Year Warranty
    • 40 years of experience
    Buyer Information
    Varies based on project size and product
    Where it is manufactured?
    Austin, TX
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