SwipedOn Visitor Management


SwipedOn is a world-leading visitor management software application that is helping thousands of businesses around the world return to the workplace. Headquartered in Tauranga, New Zealand, SwipedOn helps create the best visitor and employee experience imaginable for businesses of all sizes through its safe, secure contactless sign in solution.

Every office workplace can benefit from SwipedOn; the front desk, or reception area, can often be one of the busiest places in your business, with staff, visitors, deliveries, and contractors coming and going. It’s difficult keeping track of all those movements and the time it takes for a visitor to sign your paper logbook and other legal paperwork is enough to put a damper on those great first impressions you were striving for. Adding to that, visitors often wait while your reception team locates the person they’re here to see. Unfortunately too often, the process of registering and managing a visitor starts to get in the way of connecting and engaging with them.

The SwipedOn visitor management system takes care of the process, allowing you to focus on the person and provide a warm welcome. Your visitors simply sign in on the iPad or touch-free using their own mobile device and we do the rest for you. Whether it’s asking for their car registration, snapping a photo, printing a badge, or getting them to sign a health & safety agreement. We’ll even notify the staff member to let them know their visitor has arrived. The SwipedOn visitor management system also doubles as a visitor screening tool that can simplify contact tracing thanks to easy access to accurate visitor records. There’s no better way to make those first impressions that truly impress and ensure the safety of your workplace.

Sustainability Statement

Sustainability is an integral piece of SwipedOn, playing a foundational role in the creation of the product itself. The solution was prompted by the use of paper visitor books across the world. Implementing our cloud-based solution eliminates the need for paper visitor books entirely. To make the deal even greener, SwipedOn partners with Trees That Count and sponsors a tree planting for every new customer.

Health and Wellness Attributes

Our initial intent was to replace the paper visitor book, enhance data privacy, and ultimately create a streamlined workplace where employees felt confident in their work, colleagues, and environment. With the Covid-19 narrative being written across the globe, it was increasingly clear that employee health and wellness were at risk in the physical workplace. We knew our clients needed to leverage their visitor management systems in new ways; this inspired our expedition into establishing features that could properly assist in Covid safe compliance. Our companion app SwipedOn Pocket integrates seamlessly with the web dashboard. This allows for employee contactless sign-in with a swipe of a button and the ability to ask additional screening questions such as “are you experiencing any flu or cold-like symptoms?” With features like these, SwipedOn is actively helping over 7,000 workplaces in more than 70 countries return to work safely.

Key Features
  • Contactless Sign In
  • Visitor Screening
  • Contact Tracing
  • ID Badge Printing
  • Evacuation Management
  • Digital Agreements
  • Instant Notifications
  • SwipedOn Pocket; smartphone companion app
Where it is manufactured?
New Zealand
Lead Time
No lead time - instant availability after account is created
Plans start from $49 a month.
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