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The pandemic has shifted our ability to choose how and where we work; going to the office will now be a conscious choice. We must build back a better future and reinvent the workplace – a digitally connected and modular workspace that inspires better work, increases employee retention, and adapts to the changing needs of business. The new office should balance diverse ways of working while supporting individual needs, offering a multitude of work environments that allow space for focused work, in-person and virtual collaboration, and everything in between. 

To that extent, ROOM introduced a series of purpose-built rooms in August 2020, crucial in allowing companies to effortlessly shape and reshape their workplaces, offering agility, flexibility, saving time and money on traditional construction, and making it easier to react to the changing world around us. The first product within the series is The Meeting Room, a modular conference room that fosters a more connected experience and inspires a better way to work, together. Thoughtfully designed to create more meaningful one-on-ones and small team collaborative work for up to four individuals, all without the hassle of traditional construction.

The Meeting Room features sustainable soundproof walls made from over 1,000 recycled plastic bottles, and an ultra-quiet proprietary ventilation system that wholly replenishes air every minute, 5x that of a standard conference room. To accommodate the growing trend of hybrid work, The Meeting Room is available in two models – Standard and Pro; the Pro version comes equipped with a built-in monitor and 180-degree Jabra PanaCast camera for video-conferencing, offering a full view of the space without distortion or delay. The PanaCast better replicates the natural dynamics of face-to-face conversation allowing companies to bridge the gap between in-person and remote workers. 

The Meeting Room also comes equipped with Room Service, ROOM’s proprietary analytics software that monitors space utilization and density for a more adaptable, productive workplace. 

Sustainability Statement

All ROOM products are built out of recycled materials and replace multiple cycles of construction. To date, we’ve saved over 17 million plastic bottles from reaching a landfill. By thinking cyclically, we’re helping to reduce the near 600 million tons of construction and demolition waste created each year. Plus, our products have been tested for over 10k chemicals, and have met rigorous low-emissions standards supporting healthy office environments. From design and manufacturing to delivery and experience, we’re making room for a cleaner and better future.

Health and Wellness Attributes

At ROOM, we recognize that people are the most important asset in any organization so we always put them first. For companies to build and retain the best talent, future workspaces must be designed for the people using it – not only to satisfy our functional needs, but to inspire a better way of working. We design purpose-built modular spaces that serve to fuel innovation, productivity, and cultural bonds. Our flexible products increase productivity by over 40%, provide dedicated space for peace and quiet or community and collaboration – be it in-person or with hybrid teams through VC-enabled rooms, and overall, boost employee happiness. Happy employees are productive employees, and productive teams create the innovative ideas that fuel the most inspiring businesses.

Key Features
  • Dimensions: 
    • Height 7’ 8” (ext.) / 7’ 3” (int.) 234 cm (ext.) / 222 cm (int.) 
    • Width 7’ 7” (ext.) / 7’ 1” (int.) 230 cm (ext.) / 215 cm (int.) 
    • Depth 3’ 11” (ext.) / 3’ 5” (int.) 120 cm (ext.) / 105 cm (int.)
  • Soundproofing: Sustainable soundproof walls that reduce noise by 27 decibels. 
  • Ventilation: Each room comes equipped with four ultra-quiet fans located in the roof and discreet air inlets behind the sofas to keep the air inside fresh at all times. ROOM’s proprietary ventilation system wholly replenishes air every minute, 5x that of a standard conference room.  
  • Easy Install: Plug + play assembly in 3 hours or less. 
  • Connectivity Choices: Built-in powerbox to keep guests charged and connected and free of cord clutter with 3 AC outlets, two USB-A ports, one USB-C port, 2 CAT6 data ports for ethernet connectivity, and wireless charging capabilities.
  • Video Conference Ready: The Jabra PanaCast, included in ROOM’s Meeting Room Pro, features a 180-degree camera that shows everyone in the room, not just the person in front of the screen. Compatible with all leading video and audio conferencing solutions, including Microsoft Teams & Zoom, the PanaCast ensures seamless integration, regardless of your choice of equipment.
  • Responsive Lighting: Easily switch between three working modes: Focus, Present and Meet.
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Lead Time
12-14 weeks
$16,495 / Monthly financing starting at $479/month
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