Ultima™ Selectronic Touchless Toilet Flush Valve


    The Exposed Selectronic® Toilet Flush Valve is now capable of meeting ADA clearance requirements when installed under a grab-bar that is installed at 36” height from the floor to the top of the bar.  The self-cleaning piston design saves time and money by eliminating routine maintenance and preventing the valve from running due to clogs.

    Sustainability Statement

    If used in larger facilities (stadiums, arenas, etc.) the urinal valves can be programmed to the “Stadium flush” setting that minimizes flushing during high volume use times to reduce total water usage.


    Health and Wellness Attributes

    The flush valve automatically flushes if not used for 48 hours to help clean the urinal or toilet and keep the water seal.

    Key Features
    • For flushometer bowls with 1-1/2-inch (38 mm) exposed top spud
    • 8-year CR-P2 lithium battery installed in valve
    • Touchless operation limits the spread of germs
    • Exclusive DynaClean® self-cleaning wiper spring technology
    • Integral wiper spring cleans refill orifice with every flush to help prevent valve run-on
    • Fully mechanical manual override can operate without power
    • Fail-Safe operation: Valve automatically closes upon loss of power or water pressure
    • Proprietary brass alloy resists dezincification
    • 11-1/2″ (292 mm) rough-in
    Buyer Information
    Buyer Information
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