Vaask Hand Sanitizing Fixture


    Designed as a permanent, built-in hand sanitizing fixture, Vaask® makes hand hygiene attractive and complements the style of any space. The fixture’s PalmPilot® sensor accurately detects the range and motion of hands, avoiding mistimed dispenses and eliminating mess.

    Vaask has earned numerous awards, including TIME’s Best Inventions, and the Healthcare Facilities Symposium & Expo honored Vaask with both its Architect’s Choice and Most Sustainable Product awards.

    Vaask makes hand hygiene an experience instead of an afterthought.
    – current Vaask client

    Sustainability Statement

    Vaask reduces the single-use plastics so common with hand sanitizer. In developing the permanent fixture, the company’s design engineers spoke with business owners who noted that plastic dispensers break after just a few months. Even touchless plastic dispensers tend to have issues with their infrared sensors and last only a couple of years.

    Vaask is built from metal and designed for frequent use. At the core of its design is a belief that a product should be repairable and waste-free. Vaask comes with a five-year warranty on all components, and all parts are designed to be repairable to extend the system’s life perpetually. Each high-capacity cartridge is recyclable and easily refilled or replaced. And let’s not forget that using hand sanitizer instead of hand washing is not only more effective at killing germs, it also helps conserve water.

    Health and Wellness Attributes

    Studies show 80% of illnesses are transmitted by our hands, and yet busy people rarely have time to duck into a restroom to wash their hands. To that end, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend sanitizer over handwashing in common situations, but, until now, hand sanitizers have been neither inviting nor easy to use. Vaask changes that. The Vaask built-in dispenser helps keep everyone healthy and productive simply by the fact that it makes hand hygiene so appealing. As one customer put it: “Vaask makes cleaning your hands an experience instead of an afterthought.”

    Key Features
    • Permanent: AC powered or POE (power-over-ethernet); no batteries required

    • Built to last: Made of cast aluminum; backed by a 5-year warranty

    • Precise dispensing: PalmPilot® hand sensor and pump control eliminate mess

    • Visual alerts: LEDs attract users and notify maintenance staff when it’s time to refill

    • Customized finishes: Powder coating, plated metal and custom graphics

    • Sustainable: Large-capacity, refillable tank is compatible with any gel-based sanitizer


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