Verandas by Spacestor


    Meet Verandas – the meeting room choice of the future. Verandas is an engineered architectural room system that is inherently sustainable, incorporates massive design choices, and is curated for the future. Materials have been sourced carefully and innovation has been applied to create unique and patented sustainable solutions.

    Over the last year, Spacestor has been speaking to global leaders and gaining insights through their Insights Live panel discussions into the needs of the future workplace. These included remote and hybrid working, more collaborative spaces, provisioning for individual needs, more sustainable and inclusive product, and flexibility. Verandas was born out of these needs to address the meeting room problem of today, providing a highly flexible, sustainable and design-focussed solution.

    The construction is a highly adaptable and modular way of creating space division, collaborative and social settings, as well as incorporating accessories and customization. High levels of modularity are integrated into the construction of the product, meaning each room variant can be dismantled and rebuilt with ease and at high speed by the in-house facilities team.

    But Verandas kit-of-parts is so much more than a meeting room. By activating the external walls using additional architecture and add-on accessories, we can really maximize the possibilities it brings to your workspace, catering to multiple working styles and needs. Spaces for focus-working, meeting privately, brainstorming, scrum working, chilling out or catching up informally are all allowed for with the Verandas system.

    Easy customization using the Spacestor Customizer and a huge array of finish options and design choices allow you to create a look that is totally bespoke and yet built on a scalable framework. Meet you on the Veranda, wherever the Veranda is today.

    We don’t know what the future will be, but with Verandas, it doesn’t matter

    Sustainability Statement

    Verandas is sustainable by design, a solution that’s with you for life. Through multiple office changes, Verandas adapts and flexes to support new needs with the same components. As we’re investing in our future, our traditional meeting rooms are becoming a challenge; they are expensive, fixed, full of materials that are difficult or impossible to recycle, and are totally single-use – when dismantled, the meeting room is simply thrown away. Along with this, leases are getting shorter, spaces are changing faster, we are living out one giant workplace experiment. What’s more, top talent is influencing this new agenda and a clear demonstration of responsible sourcing and due diligence is required to meet expectations of the most environmentally conscious workforce ever.

    With Verandas, every single element apart from the acoustic seals can be reused again

    With Verandas, every single element apart from the acoustic seals can be reused again, not only reducing wastage and therefore money but saving anything from going to the landfill. Not only is Verandas 100% reusable but virtually 100% recyclable too. Verandas – the meeting rooms you never throw away.

    Even better, Veranda has recently met The International Living Future Institute’s DECLARE certification!

    Health and Wellness Attributes

    Firstly in use of materials, Verandas complies with stringent global standards, considering the elimination of harmful materials transparency declarations for emissions, VOCs, and formaldehyde, ensuring the health, safety, and comfort of users. Secondly in the use of natural materials – organic bark and cork walls along with moss panels offer biophilic accessorizing, proven to increase mental wellbeing. Thirdly, in catering to multiple staff needs through a variety of settings, providing for both the physical and mental needs of employees. Not just ‘work’ settings, but spaces to meditate, relax or reflect – Verandas ensures there are appropriate spaces to do this.

    Key Features
    • Modular kit-of-parts construction
    • The entire assembly process can be completed using only light hand tools
    • A patented flexible acoustic seal technique allows installation on uneven floor surfaces without losing the acoustic integrity of the room
    • The room design is based around a 600mm/ 24” modular frame, which forms the foundation of the build
    • Flexible and future-proof MEP system allowing power, data, and electrics to be accommodated in any area of the room
    • Unique patented plug-and-play temperature control system
    • Every Verandas purchase contributes towards tackling homelessness through our charity partnership
    Buyer Information
    Where it is manufactured?
    Los Angeles on the West Coast, Philadelphia on the East Coast, London for UK/Europe
    Lead Time
    This product is available from Q4 (October) in the US.
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