Willow by KFI Studios


    Flexibility is key in today’s workspaces and Willow gives you the freedom to work anywhere you prefer, such as lounge and collaborative spaces. Willow is a pull-up table, formed from bent plywood, with a C-shaped design that allows you to use it while working on sofas, modular seating, chairs, and benches. No need to be confined to working at traditional desks and cubicles.

    Designed by Union Design, the design process focused on how people use and interact with mobile tables to ensure Willow truly functioned the way users need it to. The tabletop is specifically sized to fit a large laptop and because Willow is C-shaped you can choose to use it from the side or in front of you. If used in front of you, Willow has an integrated footrest that is ergonomically angled for better comfort.

    Its quintessential feature is its ability to move from place to place. With its distinctive wood wheels, Willow can easily move across different flooring types and over thresholds. Because the wheels are only on one side, Willow is designed to be self-braking for preventing unwanted movement. And a discrete groove is hidden underneath the top to help pull the table towards you.

    Willow is available in three high pressure laminate options – White, Ash, and Dark Chestnut.

    Sustainability Statement
    The Willow table is Indoor Air Quality Gold certified by SCS Global. The plywood is FSC certified, and the laminate is Green Building Material certified.
    Health and Wellness Attributes

    Willow gives users freedom to create an alternative place to work. Rather than be tethered to a desk, Willow lets people choose where they work best, which can often be a sofa or lounge chair because it’s more relaxing and comfortable than a desk.

    Key Features
    • Offset design for overhanging chairs and sofas
    • Plywood construction with high pressure laminate surface
    • Angled lower surface acts as footrest while working
    • Mobile design lets you work anywhere
    • Undersurface groove to pull table towards you
    • Wheels on one side create a self-braking design
    • Non-marking rubber tires
    • Dimensions: 16” x 20.9” x 26.6”
    Buyer Information
    List price: $1,023
    Buyer Information
    Lead Time
    48 hours
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