WoodBeQuiet™ by Acoufelt


WoodBeQuiet™ are acoustic planks that are available for both wall and ceiling applications. It offers designers the beauty and warmth of wood in an environmentally sensitive, sound-absorbing material. Through Acoufelt’s QuietPrint™ techniques, the surface fibers of each acoustic plank are colored with precision, ensuring air-gaps in the porous material remain open to absorbing noise.

WoodBeQuiet™ is also made from recycled PET material, such as plastic bottles, which would otherwise end up in waterways and landfills. WoodBeQuiet™ is about converting waste into unique pieces of design innovation. To complete the circle and reflect our commitment to sustainable products, each plank is also 100% recyclable.

Sustainability Statement

We Believe That Earth Day is Every Day!

At Acoufelt we source clean, quality regenerated PET fibers for use in our acoustic products. These fibers are made for recycled bottles that would normally go to landfill, closing the loop on a valuable resource.

Key Features
  • Exclusive FilaSorb Felt Material
  • 48” x 110” Panels
  • 12mm or 1/2” Thickness
  • NRC value .45 – .60
  • 60% Minimum Recycled Content
  • Declare Certification
  • LCB Red List Free
  • Low VOC
Lead Time
2-3 weeks
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