Chargifi Wx Desk Booking & Management Software

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Chargifi Wx is a desk booking and space management solution that enables the dynamic orchestration of people and spaces in real time, empowering businesses to adopt and unlock flexible working. Powered up smartphones act as a passport across the workplace, to reserve and check-in to desks and rooms. Chargifi transforms workspaces into smarter, safer, amazing spaces to create frictionless experiences, and for workplace leaders, they deliver data-driven insights into how people use spaces to work.


To discover more, download the Chargifi ROI Guide HERE

Key Features

Dynamic and Intuitive desk and room booking

  • Centralized dashboard to customize and manage settings or policies for your workspace
  • Zone desk clusters and create spaces or neighborhoods for collaborative working
  • Assign desks and spaces to employees for period of time or permanently
  • Monitor employee bookings and movement for contact tracing

Maximize space utilization vs capacity while keeping your workplace safe

  • Dynamic views of workspace maps and floor plans
  • Control over density by blocking desks or zones to meet guidelines
  • Reports to gain insights into how different types of spaces and desks are used over time
  • Ability to manage multiple office locations, neighborhoods and desks all in one place

Visual indication that desks are clean and available: 

  • Touchless (phone) check-in
  • Updates the system for sanitization after a booking ends
  • NFC for real-time reporting of cleaning and space status changes
  • Customizable LED color clearly shows if a space is available and safe to use, utilizing the globally recognized traffic light system.
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