Drape by Okamura

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Drape is a new, privacy and acoustic solution by Okamura.

Drape creates quiet, private work pods that are perfect for touchdown work or making phone calls. The panels, available in two heights, are constructed to absorb sound and are covered with PET felt or fabric. Drape is designed to be compact with a small footprint but still provides maximum privacy by blocking the line of sight.

Key Features
  • Acoustic rating: NRC – 0.70, SAA – 0.68
  • Connectivity choices: Optional desktop power outlet and task light
  • Installation time: 20-30 minutes by two technicians
  • Air quality considerations: SCS Indoor Advantage Gold
  • Sustainability: ISO14001
  • Panel height: 59-13/16″”, 75-9/16″”
  • Pod dimension: 39-3/8” x 39-3/8”, 40-15/16” x 47-1/4”
  • Three typical pod shapes. Can customize configuration
  • Diagonal design to create room in small foot print
  • Thin, sound-absorbing panels NRC – 0.70, SAA – 0.68
  • Huge cost advantage against architectural or millwork solutions.
  • Optional Desktop Power Outlet, Task Light, and cable management
  • Panel Surface Options: 10 colors of PET felt or 10 colors of Interlock fabric”
Where it is manufactured?
Lead Time
8-11 weeks
Starts from $2,400 list
Product / Solution in Workplace Environments
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