Coworking in New York: Green Spaces

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The Big Apple is home to an increasingly influential movement in workspace design – coworking. Here is one of four places we’re featuring as examples of atypical office spaces that offer big opportunities for non-traditional workers.

Founders: Jennie Nevin
and Marissa Feinberg

Jennie and I once co-created a networking group for leaders in sustainability together called Green Leaders Global. It consisted of more than 1,000 leaders across every industry: media, retail, design, education, real estate, health, technology, politics, science and more. When we gathered for intimate events, incredible collaborations sparked.

From it, we thought, “Imagine what would happen if we worked from the same space every day!”

Green Spaces

So that’s how Green Spaces started, and we designed it for collaboration.

The environment is totally open, except for two conference rooms. Therefore, people organically engage with one another, as opposed to separate offices. We also share everything: kitchen, printer, lounge, mailbox, conference rooms, wifi, networking resources, and more.

We’re a great example of the hot, collaborative consumption movement. It is more efficient and economical to pool resources than to purchase them just for your own business.

Green Spaces

We exist for environmental and social entrepreneurs. The majority of our 100+ member organizations are focused on making the world better. We have companies in cleantech, sustainable food, green real estate, good wood, nonprofit, eco fashion, and more.

Our design is as environmental as possible, with furniture that has all been recycled and repurposed, as well as vendors that are conscious. From our fair-trade coffee to our printer with inks made of food, we have mother Earth in mind.

Green Spaces

We also have a Community Manager, Eva Navon. She has played a great role in making sure everyone is happy, and that has been crucial to our success. She also gets to know our members so when they join an office that is shared by others they feel welcome and can instantly have a new friend. Comfort is key. Therefore, a seamless infrastructure and inviting team are crucial.

Green Spaces

Since working at Green Spaces is working in a physical network, our members are very savvy and influential people. They are constantly circulating with new startup companies and up on the latest industry trends, and they are on the pulse of social networks and have strong followings.

Our members are also community minded. To share, people need to be considerate of others and open to caring about the people and world around them.

Founder – Marissa Feinberg
394 Broadway, 5th floor
New York, NY
1368 26th Street
Denver, CO


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