NeoCon 2019: 7th Floor Finds

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Each year, NeoCon provides attendees with a first look at what’s new and what’s next when it comes to emerging workplace products. At NeoCon 51, the 7th floor of the Merchandise Mart was no exception with a plethora of up and coming product exhibits. Since there’s always so much to see on the 7th floor, this year we decided to divide and conquer by enlisting our interior design friends at CallisonRTKL, Gettys Group, Cannon Design, and PBD to help us. Here is a curated list of all of the products that caught their eye. We hope you find inspiration in what they found to use in your future projects!

Guest Contributor: Janie Hirschbuehler, CallisonRTKL

Green Furniture Concept

This is a very appealing outdoor furniture line. There were lots of integrable products, including charging ports, planters and cupholders. It is a great sculptural piece for large spaces with fun pops of color.

This caught my eye for being so fun and playful. I love that it makes more of a sculptural piece than solely a piece of furniture. The organic shape, curves and wood slats help to mimic nature and feels like a natural solution. The pops of color are also a great branding opportunity. This was definitely my favorite one and could see myself using this for a patio.


A smarter take on sit-to-stand desks. Designed by a physical therapist who had many clients with issues related to sitting all day at work, this attachment can go on any sit-to-stand desk and has many benefits from automatically raising your desk when its time to stand to keeping track of all of your stats online.

It’s no secret that technology is becoming more and more prevalent in the workplace. I love how this desk add-on makes you more connected with your desk to really utilize its functions to the fullest. It’s too easy to stay seated all day if you aren’t prompted to adjust every so often. I enjoy that as a society we’re becoming more and more aware of the health concerns associated with work and are making strides towards improving that.


This company takes a fun approach to phone booths and meeting pods and are all about happiness. The sound blocking is excellent from the inside, and they also offer completely ADA accessible models. Want to learn more? Check out WDM’s Framery profile!

I love a company that seems like they have a great work culture as this is typically reflected in their pieces. Framery is all about happiness, and that is reflected in their pods. There are many different colors to choose from and multiple different sizes, each with different component options. I like that these make their pod more of a statement piece as opposed to just looking like temporary walls. It overall has a fun and playful appearance (which isn’t that what you want in your workplace?!)


This product line that is all about the beauty in simplicity. I was drawn to the combination of functions in their pieces with whiteboards and tackable panels.

What caught my eye was actually the fact that I had created a millwork piece similar to the monitor with bookshelves on either side. Living in the city with a high rent cost, offices aren’t typically very large. That being said, it’s important that you make the most out of the space that you do have. The multi-function features are especially useful in the workplace, and the style of furniture with the light unstained wood looks very Scandinavian, which is definitely trending right now.


A newcomer to NeoCon, Pedrali showcased their 100 percent Italian brand of seating, tables, complements and lighting for public spaces, offices and homes. Specifically, the Elinor chair stood out to CEO Monica Pedrali and I agreed!


This year marked Australian-based Luxxbox’s first time as a NeoCon exhibitor. Their acoustical solutions paired with remote control lighting options, set them apart.


Guest Contributor: Ji-Hyun Kim, Gettys Group

Balsan Carpet

Carpet recycled from fishing net and goat hair!

Their carpet shows sophisticated texture and wide range of colors, beautiful running line carpet. Also, their custom capability sounds intriguing – 2 weeks sample turnaround from France. When it comes to carpet, my check list runs; base texture, color options, timeframe for custom sample and lead time. All my boxes are checked!

Bang & Olufsen

Wall speaker resembles artwork & retrievable TV.

No explanation is required for Bang & Olufsen but these wall panel speakers and TV/surround system definitely made my wish list. TV moves down behind the lower panel when it is turned off.

Below installed wall panel speakers are (2) set combined together.

Oasis Berco

One thing I noticed this year at NeoCon was the ‘Phone Room’ trend.

Oasis Berco is American made, range from one person phone booth to 6-8 people conference room. Inside overhead lighting and white noise system imbedded, provide high quality privacy. Come as a complete box, they can be located anywhere in the space as long as power/date can be connected.

Royyo by Koncept

Elegant line, crisp detail! Available as a desk lamp, floor lamp and pendant.

I would definitely consider this for my next project!


Guest Contributors: Samantha King and Gina Manto, Cannon Design


The Loop solo and cube booth provide a comfortable and unique aesthetic to the freestanding booth market.  The booth includes tempered glass doors, integrated power outlets, LED lighting, ventilation system, and occupancy sensor. The booth has a wide variety of finish options that allow a designer to customize the booth to any client.


Peerhatch seems to have the potential to be the next great dry erase wallcovering. The product boasts that it does not ghost and can be customizable to a client’s graphic or collaboration needs.

Eaton Lighting

Eaton lighting is coming to the market with a new acoustic light fixture that uses their incredible LED light plane that when turned off is completely clear. Eaton has partnered with Filzfelt to maximize the acoustic abilities plus the wide variety of color and pattern options. This brings a welcomed breath of new options to the acoustic light market.

ECA by Dekko

The Isle G2 portable power unit has a sleek design with a large power capability for multiple users.

It has a clean and sleek design that can easily integrate into any interiors project.


The Naava One and Duo green wall is a great portable green wall solution. The Naava product has a great internal high tech system that creates clean air for the interior office. With the integrated technology, should the Naava system encounter an issue, it will fix itself and the company stands behind the product if any further maintenance is needed. Larger displays were a nice compliment in the Teknion showroom!


Guest Contributor: Stacy Gauthier, PBD

Concrete Collaborative

Terrazzo is without a doubt a big trend this year across all design markets. Concrete collaborative not only brings you their version with the Venice Terrazzo product but also keeps you trend forward with playful solids and patterns in their other concrete products. Slabs can be used for floors, walls or countertops.


Crossville came out with some playful collections that are very reminiscent of MC Escher while also appealing to the masses with some good plank flooring tiles that can work in any space, from industrial to contemporary aesthetics.  In terms of innovation, Crossville has released a porcelain solid surface for countertops which is both budget friendly and very chic.


DeVorm is a line of product made of PET materials, appealing to clients and designers alike looking to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Their products are on trend with sleek and curved lines and make you feel good about turning your plastic bottles into art.


Dfm showcased their Blend and Cubed workspace products made with coated OSB tops. These products move beyond the plywood trend we’ve been seeing the past couple of years and adds more texture to the aesthetic. Dfm offers adjustable height desks and complimentary storage components as part of their lines.

All images are courtesy of the authors
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