NeoCon 2022: 7th Floor Finds

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Michelle Weiss
Michelle Weiss
Michelle Weiss is our Publisher.

The Work Design team loves to check out the innovative ideas from the 7th floor at NeoCon. Here are a few of the many products that caught our attention this year. 

Frovi – Modular Bamboo Shelving Unit

Designed with our planet in mind, style meets sustainability with this Bamboo furniture collection. Crafted using eco-friendly materials, including recycled ocean plastic, recycled PET Felt and pressed bamboo. And there’s more!

Mizetto – Arkad by Addi

Arkad gives an elegant and strong impression to create order in your recycling needs. Typical function with atypical shape. We love these garbage bins!

BEHR® – COPPER FORCE™ Interior Paint

This innovation transforms and expands the role of paint as we know it by providing homeowners, residents, and building occupants an additional layer of protection against viruses and bacteria, including SARS-CoV-2, which is the virus that causes COVID-19. Powered by Corning® Guardiant® antimicrobial technology, we caught the live demonstration showing that this interior paint kills 99.9% of viruses†and bacteria‡within two hours of exposure on the painted surface.

Mantra Inspired Furniture – Clayborne Collection

The quality of the pieces in this collection stands out from dovetail joint details to its steel leg frame foundation. Plus we like their “earth to table” approach using wood straight from their own mills and their commitment to never incorporate materials that will needlessly bloat landfills or end up in the trash.


Absorbs sound, soothes the mind and eases the spirit – it was exactly what we needed on day three of NeoCon! The combination of natural preserved mosses & plants with the metal frames is beautiful.

Vecos – Smart Locker and Storage System

Self-service smart lockers for workplaces that can be easily configured into different use cases to seamlessly connect your workplace storage needs. Perfect for hybrid workplaces!

Reseat – ID Entreprise Tool

Reseat ruled the Best of NeoCon this year and look for more about them from us soon! Reseat is an inventory management tool to view, track, manage and sell company owned product all in one platform, supporting the circular economy.

fryn – Mariposa Chair + Linden Counter Stool

The metal details on these products stopped us in our tracks. These timeless collections withstand daily routines and last generations but if you want a change later – they have a cool buy back program.

Proroll by GmbH- North1

Attention Manufacturer and Facility Management friends! This seat mechanism consists of a completely closed aluminum housing. This offers a high level of protection against trapping, as there are no open areas. At the same time, the seat mechanism can be cleaned more easily and is therefore also suitable for the medical sector or any industry interested in sanitation.

Vaask – Hand Sanitizing Fixture

Vaask makes hand hygiene attractive and complements the style of any space. The fixture’s PalmPilot® sensor accurately detects the range and motion of hands, avoiding mistimed dispenses and eliminating mess. We captured it in action!

Fatboy – Attackle! Dog Bench

This one’s best in show! This super strong bench easily supports two people and comes in four stylish colors. And they are sustainable too!

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