Snowsound Fiber Acoustic Textiles: Acoustics as a Design Element

In today’s open workspace, more are designing for collaborative and private workspaces. With the flexibility of Snowsound Fiber Acoustic Textiles, you can transform the acoustics of any space while maintaining an authentic design element. *

Produced in Italy and officially introduced in the Summer of 2018, Snowsound Fiber Textiles are fully versatile. Fiber can be specified as a COM and can be made into drapes, curtains, ceiling canopies, window shades, and space dividers or are available in several made-to-order products from ceiling and wall mounted-dividers and rolling privacy screens.

The collection comes in six award-winning and inherently flame-resistant textures aimed at reducing echo, making conversations more understandable and achieving acoustic comfort in the space they’re applied.

Snowsound Fiber blends technology and aesthetics to embody design and functionality. The patented technology is based on a deliberately irregular weave composition of soft, interwoven polyester acoustic fibers engineered to create a sound-absorbing net. The sound absorption technology is activated as the air passes through the fabric weave, eliminating reverberation by dissipating and absorbing the sound energy. The textiles can achieve a range of NRC ratings depending on how they’re installed, but in the most effective installation modes, they can achieve an NRC of 1.0.

What is the name of the product?
Snowsound Fiber Acoustic Textiles

How will the Snowsound Fiber Acoustic Textiles impact workplace design and why will it matter?


  • The average worker is 66% less productive in a noisy environment. Better acoustics mean higher productivity and revenue. And, more productive workers are more engaged.
  • Why does this matter? Employee engagement, morale, retention, recruitment and customer experience. Companies that excel in these areas outperform competitors by 5x.


  • Research has found prolonged exposure to noise can lead to higher blood pressure, increased illness, stress, anxiety, fatigue, and depression.
  • Why does this matter? Employee absenteeism, turnover, productivity, and health care costs for the company.
Modernizing Medicine

Does the product contribute to “new ways of working”?
Yes, Snowsound Fiber provides noise reduction, which helps to increase productivity; it also creates visual privacy and provides a very flexible work environment.

What was the outcome of using the product, and can you cite any data?
In the project photos shown here, not only do the spaces enjoy unsurpassed sound absorption, with an NRC of 1.0, but Fiber creates visual privacy. It is even acting as architecture, helping to create or define spaces.

In today’s workplace, acoustic consideration is more important than ever. The Snowsound drapery allowed us to achieve the open collaborative zones while helping to mitigate noise concerns for the adjacent work areas.

– Steven Burgos, Gensler Miami Designer for Convey Health Solutions (Miramar, FL)

Convey Health

When was the product introduced?
Summer 2018

What do you think our readers will love most about the product?
Available in 44 color & texture combinations. Designers can also use Fiber as window treatment helping with daylight or glare (and heat gain) while providing acoustic comfort.

The use of curtains, drapery, and partitions can also serve the need for visual privacy

Acoustic Comfort
The only sound absorbing fabric in the market with a patented technology that can achieve an NRC rating of 1.0 and Class A sound absorption

Convey Health

What is the expected cost of the product?
LIST Price ranges

Will you be exhibiting anytime soon?
Yes – NeoCon 2020!


Snowsound USA

*This is the first article within WDM’s SnowSound Series highlighting the brand’s three bold collections.

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