13 Physical Workplace Elements that Support Mental Health, and Other Industry News

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Elise Shapiro
Elise Shapirohttps://www.workdesign.com
Elise Shapiro is a contributing editor. Little did she know that her first job, in the facilities department at Ralston Purina, while obtaining her M. Arch at Washington University, in St. Louis would foreshadow where her career would lead. She has always been a strong advocate for providing the best possible spaces for people to work – where aesthetics meet function and drive business success.

Our weekly round-up of workplace news from around the web. 

real industry
Photo courtesy of Office Insight
  • Office Insight announces the launch of Tarkett‘s NYC Atelier, a Co-Creation Workspace Designed by Huntsman Architectural Group.
  • The truth about open offices: it’s never been easier for workers to collaborate—or so it seems, explains Harvard Business Review. Comment below if you agree / disagree?
  • Prioritizing mental health in a work environment is not only a smart choice but also a necessary one. Forbes gives you 13 physical workplace elements that support employee mental health.
  • Check out Chicago’s top workplaces from the Chicago Tribune that are treating employees like customers to help attract and retain talent.
  • The latest data suggests that employees of all generations prefer a diverse environment. Entrepreneur states that this debunks the age bias within the workplace.
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