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Need Higher Collaboration? Redefine Your Open Plan Spaces.

Hassan Shaikh shares how open plan spaces can be a valuable tool to help organisations promote team collaboration and increasing productivity.

Industry News: Will Outdoor Terraces and Chefs Lure You Back to the Office?

Developers and big tenants are betting that expensive property perks will lure employees back, open workplaces will probably always be with us, and more news.

Industry News: Creating Outdoor Spaces To Bring Employees Back

How outdoor workspaces might be the answer to luring employees back, employees are feeling happiness and angst as they return to work, and more news.

Seven Ways to Personalize Hybrid Work Environments

As companies start moving away from dedicated assigned work environments to a distributed workforce, Liana Jameson takes a fresh look at what that means for personalization in the office.

13 Physical Workplace Elements that Support Mental Health, and Other Industry News

Our weekly round-up of workplace news from around the web.  Office Insight announces the launch of Tarkett's NYC Atelier, a Co-Creation Workspace Designed by...

Defending the Open-Plan Office, and Other Industry News

The essential flaw of the argument against open place spaces, how tech companies are allowing for privacy within big spaces, and more news from around the web.

The Open Work Environment: Removing Barriers, Not Just Walls

Minor changes in an open space can greatly influence both your workers’ morale and their productivity, making your entire company run more smoothly.

A Look Inside Richemont’s Italian HQ

The design team worked hard to communicate efficiency rather than luxury for Richemont, a group that represents some of the world’s most recognizable luxury brands.

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